Middle East

  • Bill in Israel would cut social security payments to terrorists in half

    Lawmakers from the nationalist Yisrael Beytenu party (the leader of the party is Avigdor Lieberman, Israel’s foreign minister) have sponsored a bill, which was approved for its second and third reading in a contentious meeting of the Knesset Labor, Welfare, and Health Committee on earlier today (Monday), which would cut in half  National Insurance (more or less the Israeli equivalent of the U.S. Social Security) payments to criminals convicted of terror-related crimes upon their release from prison. The legislation cuts National Insurance benefits by 50 percent for Israeli citizens involved in terrorism who were sentenced to at least ten years in prison.

  • IEDsGrowing use of IEDs by anti-government insurgents in Syria

    The monthly number of IEDs reported in Syria jumped 134 percent from December to January; analysts say this is an indication of foreign involvement with the rebels

  • HSNW conversation with Koby TanzerDemand for Israeli security solutions remains strong -- and is growing

    Homeland Security NewsWire’s executive editor Eugene K. Chow recently spoke with Koby Tanzer, a partner at Indigo Strategic Partners, an investment firm that specializes in the Israeli security and defense sector; in the interview, Tanzer discusses Indigo’s investment philosophy, how the global recession has affected defense and homeland security spending, trends in the global homeland security market, mobile device-based security solutions, and more

  • IranDHS secretary expresses “concerns” over Iranian threats

    Following recent attacks on Israeli officials overseas thought to be perpetrated by Iran and its proxies, DHS secretary Janet Napolitano expressed her concern over potential threats from Iran to domestic targets; speaking before a House panel, Fox Newsreported, Napolitano said the potential for an Iranian attack is “a situation that bears watching.”