TraceGuard receives $800,000 in Israeli government funding

Published 2 March 2007

The generosity of the Office of Chief Scientist continues; New York-based company to continue work on automated trace extraction technology

Interesting news from New York-based TraceGuard Technologies, most recently the source of reports about its trace and liquid explosives-detecting CarrySafe technology. The company announced this week that it had received $800,000 in research and development funding from Israel’s Ministry of Industry and Trade and its Office of Chief Scientist. (Readers will recall that same office funded the TK technology mentioned in yesterday’s newsletter, and in fact funds more than $300 million in grants each year between 1000 projects.) The money will be used to improve the company’s automated trace extraction (ATE) technology, which generally described involves moving air in and around suspected items before guiding it into a trace detector for analysis.

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