ARGUMENT: Unforced error in AfghanistanJoe Biden's Disgrace and the Tragedy of Afghanistan

Published 23 August 2021

Twenty years ago, Islamist terrorists, trained under the Taliban regime in Afghanistan, attacked the United States, killing nearly 3,000. The Biden administration is withdrawing all American forces from Afghanistan, and the country will again be ruled by the Taliban. This withdrawal was unnecessary.

Twenty years ago, in September 2001, a group of savage Islamist terrorists - trained under the Taliban regime in Afghanistan - perpetrated one of the most horrific acts of mass murder in modern history:  The September 11th attacks that murdered 3,000 American civilians in New York, Washington and Pennsylvania.

Now - 20 years later - after an American military response that has cost trillions of dollars and the loss of 3,000 American service men and women’s lives - President Joe Biden has surrendered Afghanistan back to the same terrorist Taliban that perpetrated the September 11th attacks. The same murderous thugs who killed our families and neighbors are now celebrating Biden’s humiliating retreat and the defeat of America.

The scenes of thousands of fleeing people thronging Kabul airport - desperate not to be murdered or publicly beheaded by the Taliban - terrified women, men and children - are searing and horrible.  And the public be-headings of anyone who helped America are a nightmare to behold.

And all completely avoidable.  America held Afghanistan with only 3,000 troops, and no American soldier has been killed there in over 18 months.  But Biden wanted to make a “political show” for the 20th anniversary of 9/11, by pulling out those 3,000 American troops.

What happened was entirely predicable to anyone not completely incompetent or senile:  The Afghan regular army panicked - fearing that the sudden American withdrawal signaled a rout.  And that panic actually created the rout.

Now a country of 30 million people is back in the hands of the same savage terrorists who killed 6,000 Americans - and who are already planning the next 9/11 attack on America.

Even Democrats recognize the disgrace and humiliation and horror of what just happened.

When we Americans gather in a few weeks to commemorate the tragedy of September 11th - just remember that President Joe Biden and his team delivered 30 million people to a medieval terrorist Hell - and left us all wide open in America for the next terrorist attack of mass murder - right here.

This Editorial is published courtesy of the North Shore Leader.