A4S shows rugged, survivable video surveillance device

Published 2 February 2006

It is not enough to have monitoring and surveillance devices installed in public places; to be of use, these devices and their recording must withstand the power of an explosion, and this is where A4S comes in

Loveland, Colorado-based A4S Security (Nasdaq: SWAT, SWATW; ArcaEx) said that tests of the company’s ShiftWatch video surveillance device in which last year’s London bus bombing was simulated, proved that ShiftWatch could withstand a blast using ten pounds of explosive material, providing data and video of the event up to within seconds of the blast. The test is the fourth of its kind, and it was devised to demonstrate that ShiftWatch, a device designed with two types of storage, including a Sony Advanced Intelligent Tape (AIT) drive. This dual-storage capacity is a major advantage of ShifWatch: The redundant video recording to the internal hard drive and Sony’s AIT digital tape makes retrieval of the recorded information possible even in the wake of catastrophic events.

This is good news. The overwhelming majority of public transit systems around the world are not equipped with video surveillance systems. What is more, adds Michael Siemens, president of A4S Security, “The few transit systems that do use video surveillance are not able to recover the video in catastrophic incidents, such as crashes and explosions.”

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