• Investing in terrorism-resistant stock

    Terrorism attacks not only the safety of people, but their wealth; an investment consultant says that while it is impossible to make a conventional investment portfolio terrorism-proof, it is possible to select securities that are a bit resistant to it

  • Recession over for technology sector

    Recession for the IT sector is over; IT spending in the United States will grow by 8.4 percent this year, to $550 billion; better outlook is helped by higher spending on communications equipment, accompanying the ongoing rebound in computer and software purchases

  • UAVs: Flying highForecast: AeroVironment Warms Up

    AeroVironment reports its first quarterly earnings numbers for fiscal 2009 today; the tiny UAV company has proven its competitiveness over bigger hitters in its, well, airspace

  • Sizing up the marketInvesting in biodefense companies

    Billions of dollars are pouring into biodefense vaccines and treatments; do companies engaged in developing such vaccines and treatment offer attractive investment opportunities? The answer is a qualified “Yes” to this specific question — but a more resounding “Yes” when these companies’ other research and development endeavors are taken into consideration

  • Cogent's good financial report

    Company’s sales of $24.6 million and profit, excluding some costs, of 16 cents share exceeded the consensus forecast for $23 million and 9 cents, and profit more than doubled from the same period a year earlier

  • Fingerprint market to reach $2.1 billion by 2013

    The fingerprinting/biometrics segment will reach $940 million in 2008 and $2.1 billion by 2013; next five years will be a boon to forensic technologies

  • Bankrupt Pay By Touch to auction off its assets

    Pay by Touch came to market with a big splash; its system was installed in more than 700 U.S. retail locations; its biometrics and personalized marketing businesses, however, lost $137 million last year on only $600,000 in revenue; it sought buyers, but there were no satisfactory offers, so it is planning to auction off its assets

  • Two Florida companies see their stock prices increase 35% in 2007

    Melbourne, Florida, is home to two security companies: Communication manufacturer Harris and biometrics specialist Authentec; both companies saw the price of their stock increase by more than 35% in 2007

  • HS investor conferenceThe ISE-CCM Homeland Security Index lists on the NYSE as an ETF

    The ISE-CCM Homeland Security Index has been listed on the NYSE as the FocusShares ISE-CCM Homeland Security ETF; Exchange-traded funds (or ETFs) are open-ended investment companies that can be traded at any time throughout the course of the day