• CHINA WATCHChina Accused of Meddling in Canada’s Elections

    By Craig McCulloch

    Allegations are mounting that China may have interfered in Canada’s most recent federal elections to favor Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his Liberal Party. Chinese information campaign appeared to have influenced votes in districts with large ethnic Chinese population.

  • EXTREMISMEducation and Awareness Are Key to Stopping Online Radicalization

    By William Frangia

    The current battlefield for terrorism is not a faraway country but the computers and phones right next to us. Terrorists have taken advantage of this technology to allow conflict to transcend its geographic borders. They know that reaching one sympathetic viewer can create catastrophic consequences in support of their agenda. The social network is now an environment where everyone is vulnerable to encountering propaganda or misinformation online, making everyone susceptible to radicalization.

  • CYBERSECURITYWhat Is the National Cybersecurity Strategy? What the Biden Administration Has Changed

    By Richard Forno

    On 2 March 2023 the Biden administration released its first National Cybersecurity Strategy. Some of the key provisions in the Strategy relate to the private sector, both in terms of product liability and cybersecurity insurance. It also aims to reduce the cybersecurity burden on individuals and smaller organizations. It provides some innovative ideas that could strengthen U.S. cybersecurity in meaningful ways and help modernize America’s technology industry, both now and into the future.

  • CYBERSECURITYIs Your Cybersecurity Strategy Undermined by These Six Common Pitfalls?

    Many security specialists harbor misconceptions about lay users of information technology, and these misconceptions can increase an organization’s risk of cybersecurity breaches. These issues include ineffective communications to lay users and inadequately incorporating user feedback on security system usability.

  • EXTREMISMHard-Right Social Media Activities Lead to Civil Unrest: Study

    Does activity on hard-right social media lead to civil unrest? With the emergence and persistent popularity of hard-right social media platforms such as Gab, Parler, and Truth Social, it is important to understand the impact they are having on society and politics.

  • SECURE COMMUNICATIONPerfectly Secure Digital Communications

    Researchers have achieved a breakthrough in secure communications by developing an algorithm that conceals sensitive information so effectively that it is impossible to detect that anything has been hidden.

  • EXTREMISMUnderstanding Antisemitism on Twitter After Musk

    New research has found a major and sustained spike in antisemitic posts on Twitter since the company’s takeover by Elon Musk on October 27, 2022. Researchers found that the volume of English-language antisemitic tweets more than doubled in the period following Musk’s takeover.

  • EXTREMISMExtremist Propaganda Soars to All-Time High in 2022

    In 2022, there has been a significant increase in racially or ethnically motivated violent extremist (RMVE) propaganda efforts, which included the distribution of racist and antisemitic fliers, stickers, banners, graffiti, and posters, as well as laser projections - with a total of 6,751 cases reported in 2022, compared to 4,876 in 2021.

  • CYBERSECURITYExpanding the AI Toolbox of Cybersecurity Defenders

    By Tom Rickey

    Scientists have taken a key step toward harnessing a form of artificial intelligence known as deep reinforcement learning, or DRL, to protect computer networks. DRL shows the promise of an autonomous AI in proactive cyber defense.

  • THE RUSSIA CONNECTIONRussian Cyberattacks on U.S. Likely to Become Bolder, More Brazen

    By Jeff Seldin

    Repeated failures by Russian cyberattacks and disinformation campaigns to inflict lasting damage during the Kremlin’s ongoing war against Ukraine is unlikely to dampen Moscow’s resolve and could instead spur a new wave of riskier efforts against a wider set of targets.

  • CYERSECURITY STRATEGYU.S. Unveils Aggressive National Cybersecurity Strategy

    By Patsy Widakuswara

    The Biden administration is pushing for more comprehensive federal regulations to keep the online realm safer against hackers, including by shifting cybersecurity responsibilities away from consumers to industry and treating ransomware attacks as national security threats.

  • DRONESSecurity Vulnerabilities Detected in Drones Made by DJI

    Researchers have detected security vulnerabilities, some of them serious, in several drones made by the manufacturer DJI. These enable users, for example, to change a drone’s serial number or override the mechanisms that allow security authorities to track the drones and their pilots. In special attack scenarios, the drones can even be brought down remotely in flight.

  • CYBERSECURITYDigital Twins Could Protect Manufacturers from Cyberattacks

    Detailed virtual copies of physical objects, called digital twins, hold the promise of better products across automotive, health care, aerospace and other industries. According to a new study, cybersecurity may also fit neatly into the digital twin portfolio.

  • CYBERSECURITYCan a Cyber shuffle Stop Hackers from Taking Over a Military Aircraft?

    A cybersecurity technique that shuffles network addresses like a blackjack dealer shuffles playing cards could effectively befuddle hackers to take control of a military jet, commercial airliner or spacecraft. Sandia, Purdue team up to test cyberdefense against an algorithm trained to break it.

  • CYBERSECURITYHow One of the World's Most Popular Open-Source Security Monitoring Platforms Was Developed

    A tool from the internet’s early days keeps Microsoft’s users secure while supporting the open-source paradigm.