• ENERGY SECURITYKites Aim to Tap Unused High-Altitude Wind Power

    By Tim Schauenberg

    There is a growing interest in harvesting what are known as high-altitude winds. At a height of 200 meters (656 feet) and more, winds tend to blow stronger and more steadily than those closer to the ground. High-altitude winds remain a huge untapped source of renewable energy, but a race to the sky is well underway.

  • ENERGY SECURITYIf the Price Is Right: Fusion's Future in the U.S. Could Come Down to Dollars and Cents

    By Colton Poore

    Fusion energy is often hailed as a limitless source of clean energy, but new research suggests that may only be true if the price is right. The researchers say that the engineering challenges of fusion energy are only part of the problem — the other part lies in economics.

  • ENERGY SECURITYSolar Thermal Tower Key Component of National Energy Goals

    By Kelly Sullivan

    Sandia hosted a Feb. 16 groundbreaking ceremony to begin the construction of a new solar tower at the National Solar Thermal Test Facility. The project is part of DOE’s effort to develop concentrating solar power technology that may provide clean, utility-scale electricity.

  • NUCLEAR POWERMaking Nuclear Energy More Competitive

    By Poornima Apte

    Through research on high burnup fuels and improving the design of nuclear power plants, NSE doctoral student Assil Halimi is adopting a dual approach to addressing some of the industry’s toughest challenges.

  • NUCLEAR SCIENCEArtificial Intelligence Reframes Nuclear Material Studies

    By Kristen Mally Dean

    The future of nuclear energy, which can produce electricity without harmful emissions, depends on discovery of new materials. A scientist at Argonne is using computer vision to separate the best candidates from a crowded field.

  • ENERGY SECURITYTidal Stream Power Can Significantly Enhance Energy Security

    A new study reveals the potential of tidal resources to make a marked difference on a community’s clean energy ambitions. Using tidal technologies as part of a renewable energy mix can also reduce the space required for power-generating facilities, both on land and at sea, by around 33% and significantly reduce their visual impact since much of their operation is below the sea’s surface.

  • BATTERIESIlluminating the Barrier to Next-Generation Battery That Charges Very Quickly

    By Andrew Myers

    In the race for fast-charging, energy-dense lithium metal batteries, researchers discovered why the promising solid electrolyte version has not performed as hoped. This could help new designs – and eventually battery production – avoid the problem.

  • ENERGY SECURITYInterest in Geothermal Energy is Growing

    By Gero Rueter

    These days, some 400 power plants in 30 countries generate electricity using steam generated beneath the earth’s surface, producing a total capacity of 16 gigawatts (GW). Despite its advantages, geothermal energy has seen limited use compared to fossil fuels, but recent energy shocks have increased interest in this energy source.

  • ENERGY SECURITYCan Floating Solar Islands Meet the World’s Future Energy Needs?

    By Live Oftedahl

    Covering less than ten per cent of the world’s hydropower reservoirs with floating solar panels would yield as much energy as all hydropower does today, one researcher says.

  • ENERGY SECURITYSpace Solar Power Technology Demo Launched into Orbit in January

    Space solar power provides a way to tap into the practically unlimited supply of solar energy in outer space, where the energy is constantly available without being subjected to the cycles of day and night, seasons, and cloud cover.

  • ENERGY SECURITYEurope Faces a Chilling Couple of Years, but Russia Will Lose the Energy Showdown

    By Todd Prince

    In the European Union this winter, fears of rolling blackouts triggered by Russian energy export cuts amid Moscow’s war in Ukraine have subsided thanks to good luck, good weather, and quick action. “In the long run, Russia simply can’t win this energy war,” says an expert.

  • ENERGY SECURITYHydrogen Changing Power Dynamics in Energy Sector

    By Sergio Matalucci

    As the EU tries to finalize its hydrogen rules, Asian countries are moving fast to secure deliveries and the US is committing money to set up local supply chains. Can the Middle East collaborate with both continents?

  • ENERGY SECUERITYTo Quit Russian Gas, EU Invests Billions in LNG

    By Julia Merk and Michel Penke

    The European Union is investing billions in infrastructure in its effort to replace Russian fuels with liquefied natural gas. This could prove to be a dead end — both for taxpayers and for the climate.

  • ENERGY SECURITYEnergy, War, and the Crisis in Ukraine

    By Peter Dizikes

    Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is having a global impact on many areas of the world today, affecting the balance of power among states and creating a contest between democratic and authoritarian alliances. It is also having a major impact on the global energy supply. An expert panel examined the implications of energy use and energy policy during Russia’s invasion.

  • ENERGY SECURITYWhy Nuclear Fusion Is So Exciting

    By Clea Simon

    The Lawrence Livermore National Lab in California last week achieved fusion with a net energy gain. Harvard scientist Adam Cohen breaks down breakthrough that might prove major turning point in clean energy efforts — but not any time soon.