• 2019: Looking back: Cyber4. Chinese Firms Secretly Own Leading VPNs

    China’s efforts to implement its persistent surveillance approach outside its borders go beyond helping Huawei to make the company’s 5G technology more competitive, and thus more appealing, to Western and non-Western countries. A recent study found that almost a third (30 percent) of the world’s top virtual private network (VPN) providers are secretly owned by six Chinese companies.

  • Virtual terrorismInterview with "Virtual Terror" author Daniel Wagner

    By Russell Whitehouse

    “One of the characteristics of Virtual Terrorism is that it allows countries like North Korea (and Iran) to punch well above their weight in the cyber arena, and conduct their own form of ‘diplomacy’ on the cyber battlefield. These countries have already attacked the U.S. and other countries – all countries with the capability to do so, do so,” says Daniel Wagner. “The best way to fight it is to help ensure that as many people as possible understand what it is, what some of the challenges are in fighting it, and what can we do about it.”

  • CybersecurityNew report highlights Zeus Trojan's enhancement

    New report highlights enhancements of the notorious Zeus Trojan; the enhancements help Zeus undermine tacking and detection aimed at thwarting Zeus

  • CybersecurityNew Windows worm spreading by exploiting weak passwords

    A new Windows worm is spreading through company networks by exploiting weak passwords; the worm, dubbed “Morto” spreads using RDP, or Remote Desktop Protocol, the Microsoft-made protocol for controlling one computer by connecting to it from another

  • CybersecurityNext generation firewall market to grow 24 percent annually through 2014

    The global next-generation firewall market will grow at a CAGR of 24 percent over the period of 2010-14; the market is currently being driven by the increasing number and intensity of security threats on the Web