AMTRAK buys explosive detectors from Smiths Detection

Published 22 February 2008

AMTRAK will use the SABRE 4000 to screen passengers, carry-on baggage at train stations and on trains for explosives

AMTRAK has purchased SABRE 4000 advanced detection systems from Smiths Detection, part of the Smiths Group. The systems aims to enable rapid and nonintrusive screening of passengers, trains, and train stations for explosives. The SABRE 4000 hand-held detection system detects and identifies explosives and also narcotics, chemical warfare agents, and toxic industrial chemicals. AMTRAK will use only the explosives detection capabilities of the device.

The SABRE 4000 explosive trace detection system can detect explosives in ten seconds with a complete analysis in twenty seconds, allowing the screening process to be complete in a minute. In addition, with the dual sample collection capability, the system can be used to collect and review both swabs and vapor samples. Stephen Phipson, group managing director of Smiths Detection, said: “We are pleased to provide AMTRAK with an explosives detection solution that has a proven track record, which immediately adds a sophisticated and portable layer of security to help keep passengers and busy commuter areas safer.”

Smiths Detection is a technology developer and manufacturer of sensors that detect and identify explosives, chemical and biological agents, weapons, and contraband. Its security solutions also include Smiths Heimann X-ray imaging systems, millimeter-wave technology, and a specialist software supply business for the management of large sensor and video surveillance networks. Separate business units focus on related products for the life sciences, and food manufacturing industries.