Bacterial pore detection system company bolsters marketing of product

Published 3 February 2006

Anthrax detection device maker signs an important marketing agreement with an energetic security consultant and training company, the customer of which it wants to reach

Beverley Hills, California-based Universal Detection Technology (OTCBB: UDTT) has signed an agreement with Miami, Florida-based Security Solutions International (SSI) to sell and distribute the BSM-2000 bacterial spore detection system in the United States on a non-exclusive basis. SSI specializes in providing counter terrorism training through several qualified colleges, security companies, and individual presenters. The agreement calls for SSI to use its best efforts to market UDTT’s BSM-2000 bio-terrorism detection machine to its customers and clients in the United States. UDTT has agreed to pay SSI a predefined commission on all sales generated through SSI as its sole form of compensation. UDTT will be responsible for supporting all products distributed by SSI in the United States.

This is a good move for UDTT: It is not enough to produce a good product; there is need to put it in front of people, and SSI is very good at putting things in front of the right people. Nima Montazeri, UDTT’s VP of strategic development, notes: “We hope that SSI’s contacts and relationships will provide us with additional meaningful opportunities in the markets and with [government] agencies.” Henry Morgenstern, SSI’s president, says that “with UDT’s strength in technological innovation and our own client base in the First Responder community that the partnership will be a winning proposition for both sides.”

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