Brekeke to release OnDO PBX v1.5 With ARS failover

Published 9 December 2005

San Mateo, California-based start-up Brekeke Software will soon release its OnDO PBX version 1.5, an enhanced IP-PBX software telephony system, which now supports Automatic Route Selection (ARS) failover. With ARS failover, OnDO PBX looks for an alternative route if the specified route is unavailable, and makes outgoing calls via the best route based on the situation. The solution may help in everyday situations, for example, if a customer has multiple ITSPs (Internet Telephony Service Providers) and PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) gateways, version 1.5 allows for backup connections if the VoIP or internet connection is lost. In this situation, OnDO PBX would automatically switch to an analog route through the PSTN gateway. The benefit of ARS failover is improved efficiency and reliability of your telephony system. In addition, the solution makes it easier to create connections between OnDO PBX and SIP products and services. Setting up routing rules enables ARS failover to select from all available routes. ARS failover also allows for SIP products and services which are unavailable to be considered inactivated for a specified period. The route is re-activated based on automatic recovery settings or by manual re-activation through the administration tool.

For our purposes we note that the opportunities for VoIP technology using SIP will continue to grow. Thus, if a natural disaster disabled PSTN lines, VoIP communication by satellite has been recognized as a method for re-establishing communication systems.

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