Chinese governor promises crackdown in wake of violent unrest

Published 4 August 2011

Following a pair of violent terrorist attacks in northwest China, the top government official of the Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region declared that he would severely crack down on any who instigate such violence; the chairman of the autonomous region Nur Bekri visited the city of Kashgar, where the attacks took place, and urged the ethnic Uighurs and the Han Chinese to unite in the face of the tragedy; last Saturday attackers hijacked a truck and plowed it into a crowded street where they then jumped out and began killing civilians at random; on Sunday a group of people set a restaurant on fire and then began attacking civilians with knives; at least fourteen people were killed and forty-two others injured; authorities considered the attacks an act of terrorism plotted by the East Turkistan Islamic Movement; local police say there is no evidence to suggest any link to the religious extremists

Source: Chinese governor promises crackdown in wake of violent unrest