Coda Octopus announces new Underwater Inspection System

Published 26 January 2007

Device creates real-time 3D images of subsea objects; port security the primary market for this intriguing new sonar product; company already known for its oil exploration-enhancing echoscope; government delivery pending

Port security officials may have a new friend in New York City-based Coda Octopus, a company readers may recall as having last year intoduced a breakthrough 3D subsea sonar componant known as the Coda Echoscope. That device was primarily intended for use in oil and gas exploration and is of no purpose to us now except to point out the company’s experience in underwater detection and surveillance. What is important now is a new product now available from Coda Octopus known as the Underwater Inspection System (UIS).

Developed in coordination with the Center for Ocean Technology at the University of South Florida and the Research and Development Center of the United States Coast Guard, the UIS uses sonar to create 3D images of any underwater object or structure in real-time — the main threat being submerged IEDs lingering in a harbor or attached to the hull of a ship. In addition, users may choose to link the images via a wireless network to an optional command and control center, and may request Coda to provide an appropriate underwater vehicle to hold the device. Ease of use is another attractive feature. “3D real-time data is also far more intuitive than data generated with traditional underwater mapping and scanning techniques, meaning users require very little training to understand what they are looking at,” said the Coast Guard’s Scott Tripp.

The company expects to begin delivery to unnamed government customers within ninety days.

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