Companies build emergency surveillance for infectious outbreak monitoring

Published 16 November 2005

The North Carolina Hospital Emergency Surveillance System, or NCHESS, a new system for monitoring hospital data for possible infectious outbreaks is going online with data harvested from all 24-hour emergency rooms in the state. The system, built by Solucient, Knightsbridge Solutions, and MercuryMD, collects data from the hospitals every 12 hours and provides real-time medical record access. “The state needed a central clearinghouse that made it easy for hospitals to share data electronically with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the state’s Division of Public Health,” said Matthew Bates, senior vice president of products and technology at Solucient. “Within six months, NCHESS was built using existing infrastructure to speed delivery of the solution, ensure hospital ease of use, and minimize expense.” The North Carolina Hospital Association and North Carolina Division of Public Health were instrumental in completing the project.

-read the release here, or see information about Solucient here and Knightsbridge here