CoreStreet's new access control technology making news

and Kaba Access Control, thus making available Card-Connected locks such as the Kaba E-Plex 5900. CoreStreet also developed software to integrate Card-Connected solutions to existing PACS such as Lenel OnGuard. Finally, to bring these solutions to market, CoreStreet established go-to-market channels with security SIs such as Securitas Systems (now Niscayah) and a path to the Lenel reseller community through a distribution relationship with inFRONT.

The inFRONT-CoreStreet execute distribution agreement
New Orleans, Louisiana-based inFRONT and CoreStreet announce earlier this week that inFRONT will distribute CoreStreet Card-Connected CHIP for Lenel, the Card-Connected solution for Lenel’s OnGuard access control system. The agreement calls for inFRONT to market, deliver, and support CoreStreet Card-Connected CHIP for Lenel via the Lenel Certified Reseller channel. With CoreStreet’s Card-Connected technology, OnGuard users can now extend the reach of their access control system to offline doors and mobile locks. A CoreStreet-Enabled lock does not require an Ethernet or power connection, thus eliminating the time and expense of wiring doors. The result is that the cost to connect a door to OnGuard is reduced, allowing organizations to connect more doors to the system without worrying about cost. “Delivering the many benefits of Card-Connected technology to customers requires not only CoreStreet-Enabled locks and Physical Access Control Systems (PACS), but is also critically dependent on reaching and educating the physical security reseller community,” said Todd Freyman, CoreStreet vice-president and general manager of physical access products. “We are looking forward to working with inFRONT to enable Lenel resellers to substantially expand their market potential with Card-Connected technology.” inFRONT CEO Chris Laibe agreed, saying that “This agreement complements our strategy to bring high value products to Lenel users via the Lenel Value Added Reseller network….Supporting Lenel VARs to CoreStreet-Enable OnGuard with Card-Connected technology is one more important way we can help them enhance their customers’ return on their investment.” Rob Fitzpatrick, VP of business development for inFRONT added that “The addition of CoreStreet Card-Connected CHIP for Lenel to the OpenAccess Alliance Program should offer a real opportunity to the Lenel certified reseller community. Customers are searching for innovative ways to extend the reach of their access control systems without disrupting their users’ workflow. With CHIP For Lenel, OnGuard users can configure and privilege an offline door the same as a typical online door. This opens up opportunities to extend access control to remote points, gates, apartments, and even file cabinets and closets. The possibilities are impressive.”

CoreStreet receives Lenel certification
Related to the above is the fact that CoreStreet a couple of days ago announced that it has received Lenel factory certification for its Card-Connected solution. This certification formalizes CoreStreet’s membership in the Lenel OpenAccess Alliance Program. “CoreStreet has completed the required factory testing of the Card-Connected solution to validate the functionality of its interface to the two most recent releases of OnGuard. This solution is the first to take such complete advantage of the comprehensive feature set offered by both the OnGuard DataConduIT API and the OpenDevice API,” said Joshua Phillips, director of marketing at Lenel. OnGuard solutions offer practically unlimited scalability and have been implemented by major organizations worldwide, including government agencies, healthcare and educational institutions, and commercial enterprises. Lenel established the Lenel OpenAccess Alliance Program to enable its customers to interface their OnGuard systems with third-party technologies, which now include Card-Connected solutions. “Without a proven layer of security, access control systems would be vulnerable to attacks where cardholder access privileges could be altered, cards cloned or counterfeited, and access policies on the locks compromised,” Chris Broderick, CoreStreet CEO, said. “CoreStreet’s patent-pending Card-Connected technology applies industry-proven cryptography to provide the highest level of assurance to customers.”