Critical infrastructure companies form consortium for further work

Published 3 October 2006

Abeo Corporation, CT Solutions, and Vidient among firms looking to build on earlier successes with TSA; team previously completed airport infrastructure projects at Helena and Tallahassee airports

Long-time business partners in the critical infrastructure market joined forces this week as the Strategic Infrastructure Protection Consortium (SIP). The effort developed out of members’ efforts deploying fully architected security solutions at Helena Regional Airport and Tallahassee Regional Airport, two strategic projects funded by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) as part of a $17 million effort to fund the evaluation of nineteen critical infrastructure protection technologies at airports across the country. Charter members include: Abeo Corporation, CT Solutions, GCS Research, Knowledge Ventor, and Vidient.

Decades-old security paradigms must be overhauled,” Bill Adams of CT Solutions said. He continues:

Sensor data must be integrated, and security operators must stop staring at banks of CCTV monitors and start predicting threats. Radio calls, text messages and geospatial data must be automatically coupled with live images beamed wirelessly to PDAs or laptops. Security solutions need to be interoperable to accept new sensors easily without discarding existing technology. And security data must be shared across installations and boundaries of authority so that true situational awareness can be achieved and a common operational picture subscribed to by all security stakeholders.”

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