CyberKey receives multimillion dollar order from DHS

Published 8 December 2005

A nifty solution to storing emergency response information

Many first response teams and other emergency organizations now have access to a lot of useful information: Building’s blueprints, underground sewage and tunnel architecture, a library of known chemical and biological agents, and more. This information has to be carried into the disaster scene, and at the same time be protected from interference and corruption. This is where St. George, Utah-based CyberKey (OTC: CYKC) comes in. The company develops solutions which help to protect confidential data, manage the identities of people and applications accessing that information, and address compliance requirements. These solutions are often embedded in USB flash memory supported by practically all popular operating systems. DHS has just awarded CyberKey a multimillion dollar contract for 150,000 units of its solution. The company already provides a special camouflage version of its CyberKey to the U.S. military.

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