Cyberlux demonstrates hybrid lighting technology

Published 24 May 2007

The company’s covert lighting technology is already used by the military and law enfrocement; now the company tests hybrid lighting technology which will help conserve energy

Let there be light. Homeland security agencies and the military will note that Durham, North Carolina-based Cyberlux, a developer and manufacturer of solid- state lighting solutions, has produced the first prototype of its Hybrid Lighting Technology (HTL) and demonstrated the initial capabilities in a laboratory environment. The prototype lighting device combined the Scattered Photon Extraction(TM) (SPE) technology acquired from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute with the hybrid organic/inorganic white and multi-color lighting technology acquired from the University of California-Santa Barbara.

The prototype lighting device was constructed from an SPE-optimized reflective fixture encapsulating a 465nm solid-state photon pump emitter that excited the downconversion lens to produce visible light in a range of color temperatures. The HTL lighting device was tested with two downconversion lens types, including a luminescent polymer lens and two hybrid inorganic/organic lenses for performance comparison and prototype optimization purposes. As the HTL technology progresses through the process of commercialization, the company will publish results that are anticipated to exceed existing lighting fixture efficiencies. Cyberlux will commercialize the resulting proprietary lighting technology as “Hybrid White Light” (HWL) and “Hybrid Multi-color Light” (HML).

In November 2006 Cyberlux acquired the exclusive rights to the pending patents for the Scattered Photon Extraction technology and methods developed at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. The SPE technology enables light-emitting sources to operate at a higher luminous efficacy where traditional phosphor or downconversion materials such as luminescence polymers or organic films (as defined by University of California-Santa Barbara patent) are placed at locations remote from the photon-emitting solid-state inorganic light source.

Cyberlux made a name for itself with its innovative LED lighting technology which is widely used in both the civilian and military markets. The company’s Military and Homeland Security unit develops both covert and advanced visible lighting capability for threat detection and force and asset protection.