DHS increases TWIC issuance fees

Published 4 January 2007

Ballooning card production costs force a $10 increase in initial charges, with a $24 increase for replacements; TWIC program looks to manage finances while it sorts out technological challenges

The mavens behind the Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC) may still be working out the program’s myriad technological kinks, but at least its prepared to settle the question of cost — cost, that is, to those who will have to apply for the card. According to a recently-released DHS final rule, most maritime workers will pay an initial $139 (an increase of $10 over previous estimates) and $60 for a replacement (up from $36). A selected few workers will pay a reduced charge of $107 to $127 if they already have complied with certain requirements through other programs. The increased fees are intended to help offset a total program cost increase of 135 percent over five years to $44 million, which includes an increase in card production costs of 39 percent to $28 million.

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