DHS unveils CFATS-reporting Web site

Published 27 April 2007

Companies must name those responsibile for fulfilling Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standards

As political actors in Washington continue their wrangling over chemical plant safety standards, regulatory officials are doing their part to ease the path to compliance. DHS’s Chemical Security Compliance Division this week activated a Web-based application for companies affected by the Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standards (CFATS) rule, HS Today reported. The process asks companies to identify each of their installations individually along with designating a preparer and a submitter for using the system, although the agency is flexible about who is named as the primary contact point. “We have tried to ensure that our system does not in any way dictate to a facility, company or corporation their management structure,” the agency explained. “It is not our responsibility to dictate how you manage your company, so we have tried to ensure you have the greatest amount of flexibility possible.” The division is also working to permit companies to also name a reviewer in addition to a preparer and a submitter. The reviewer would have the ability to inspect and double check the data on-line before it is formally submitted.