Digimarc show new secure ID solution

Published 22 March 2006

Congress passed the Real ID Act last May, telling states that they have until May 2008 to implement biometric driver’s licenses or see their residents barred from flights, government buildings, and more. Beaverton, Oregon-based Digimarc Corporation (NASDAQ: DMRC) says it has a solution to help states cope with the Act’s strictures. It is now showing its Digimarc ExianEvident 3D, which allows document issuing authorities to personalize an ID to a card holder in multiple ways, including high resolution printing and laser engraving, with a unique 3D tactile security feature that a card inspector can feel, with machine-readable digital watermarking. The company has a portfolio of enrollment and secure credential solutions.

Digital watermarking is now incorporated in more than twenty-five million driver licenses.

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