PerspectiveRussian trolls are coming for 2020, smarter than ever, Clemson researchers warn

Published 26 June 2019

Many Americans think they know what a Russian troll looks like. After the 2016 election, voters are more aware of bad actors on social media who might be trying to influence their opinion and their vote on behalf of a foreign government. Bristow Marchant writes in The State that Clemson University professors Darren Linvill and Patrick Warren warn, however, that picture may not be accurate. “People I know — smart, educated people — send me something all the time and say ‘Is this a Russian? Is this foreign disinformation?’” said Linvill, a communications professor at the Upstate university. “And it’s just someone saying something they disagree with. It’s just someone being racist. That’s not what disinformation looks like.”

Russian trolls are preparing for the 2020 elections // Source: