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Published 11 August 2022

·  Anti-Government Extremism ‘Has Really Surged’ Since 2020, Wray Tells Senators

·  U.S. Is Urgently Seeking a Country to Resettle a Qaeda Informant

·  Islamic Terrorists ‘Refuse to Be Deradicalized in Prison’

·  Facebook Bans Hate Speech but Still Makes Money from White Supremacists

·  Reflecting Upon Two CFR Reports on U.S. Goals in Cyberspace

·  DHS IG Cuffari’s Actions Exhibit Clear Pattern: Unwillingness or Inability to Meet the Mission 

·  The Growing Concern Over Chinese Investment in American Agriculture

·  Why COVID Probably Hasn’t Helped Bioterrorists, Despite Fears


Anti-Government Extremism ‘Has Really Surged’ Since 2020, Wray Tells Senators  (Bridget Johnson, HSToday)
FBI director says law enforcement officials are seeing “an alarming number of situations in which weapons are modified to make them fully automatic.”

U.S. Is Urgently Seeking a Country to Resettle a Qaeda Informant  (Carol Rosenberg, New York Times)
U.S. diplomats have asked 11 countries if they would be willing to take in a former courier for Al Qaeda who was tortured by the C.I.A. and became a government informant, Justice Department lawyers said in a court filing on Tuesday. The lawyers said that finding a nation to resettle the prisoner, Majid Khan, 42, with his wife and daughter was a priority for the Biden administration at a time when prosecutors are discussing possible plea agreements with other prisoners at Guantánamo Bay. Mr. Khan, a U.S.-educated Pakistani citizen, gained attention last year as the first former prisoner of the C.I.A.’s black site prison network to publicly describe his torture, between 2003 and 2006, by U.S. agents. A U.S. military jury condemned his treatment as “a stain on the moral fiber of America.” Justice Department lawyers described the Biden administration’s efforts to find a place for him in a filing that urged Judge Reggie B. Walton of the U.S. District Court in Washington to essentially take no action for now on Mr. Khan’s petition of habeas corpus. “The government is actively — and urgently — working to facilitate petitioner’s transfer,” the lawyers wrote in a 37-page filing that did not make clear how many of the 11 countries were still considering the request.

Islamic Terrorists ‘Refuse to Be Deradicalized in Prison’  (The Telegraph)
Britain’s most dangerous convicted Islamic terrorists are boycotting prison work, education, training and deradicalization programmed that could rehabilitate them, a watchdog has revealed. An investigation by Charlie Taylor, the chief inspector of prisons, found almost all the Islamic terrorists currently being held in special high-security “separation” units were “refusing to take part” in any purposeful activity or work to change their beliefs or behavior. (Cont.)