SEURITY OFFICERSNew Contract Approved by Security Officers Represented by LEOS-PBA Will See Major Wage Increase

Published 23 February 2024

LEOS-PBA has successfully negotiated with Paragon Systems a new contract for union members in upstate New York, a contract which will see the highest wage increase ever given to Paragon Protective Security Officers (PSOs). The contract will see more than 30 percent wage increase over the next three years.

LEOS-PBA announced that it has successfully negotiated a new 3-year deal with Paragon Systems, inc. giving union members in upstate New York a new wage increase of $4.00 an hour, beginning 1 May 2024. The union notes that this increase, which amounts to a 14.30 percent wage increase in the first year of the contract, is the highest wage increase that any Paragon PSOs (Protective Security Officers) have ever received from Paragon. 

LEOS-PBA says that it has also been successful in negotiating an 8 percent wage increase in both the second and third year — a total wage increase over the next three years which amounts to a 30.30 percent.

LEOS-PBA stresses that these increases do not include the H&W increases of $0.10 in the first year of the new CBA ($4.60) and an additional $0.40 an hour, bringing members’ H&W to $5.00 an hour in the second year of the contract and a wage reopener in the third year.

Charles (Chip) Strebeck, president of United Federation LEOS-PBA, addressing union members, said: “You should all be proud of your Union’s negotiating skills and abilities as well as our attorneys and the bargaining committee who worked endlessly to make this unprecedented historic wage increase happen.”

The new agreement was ratified by union members in a 3-to-1 vote on Wednesday, 22 February 2024.