For Many Western Allies, Sending Weapons to Israel Gets Dicey | Mexico City’s Metro System Is Sinking Fast | Ways to Counter Australia’s Growing Neo-Nazi Threat, and more

However, the disagreements over aid to Ukraine are an exception among Republicans. On the core pillars of foreign policy and defense, the party remains remarkably united. In a new book, we argue that most of the U.S. conservative movement supports what we call a Trump-Reagan fusion on foreign policy, which has taken traditional Reaganite principles—such as a strong national defense, free markets, and individual liberty—and updated them for the 21st century with former President Donald Trump’s “America First” policies.
Although the Republican Party may appear to be in disarray, closer analysis reveals a different dynamic. The Trump-Reagan fusion is actually unifying GOP foreign policy—and it isn’t going away anytime soon.

Mexico City’s Metro System Is Sinking Fast. Yours Could Be Next  (Matt Simon, Wired)
With its expanse of buildings and concrete, Mexico City may not look squishy—but it is. Ever since the Spanish conquistadors drained Lake Texcoco to make way for more urbanization, the land has been gradually compacting under the weight. It’s a phenomenon known as subsidence, and the result is grim: Mexico City is sinking up to 20 inches a year, unleashing havoc on its infrastructure.
That includes the city’s Metro system, the second-largest in North America after New York City’s. Now, satellites have allowed scientists to meticulously measure the rate of sinking across Mexico City, mapping where subsidence has the potential to damage railways. “When you’re here in the city, you get used to buildings being tilted a little,” says Darío Solano‐Rojas, a remote-sensing scientist at the National Autonomous University of Mexico. “You can feel how the rails are wobbly. Riding the Metro in Mexico City feels weird. You don’t know if it’s dangerous or not—you feel like it’s dangerous, but you don’t have that certainty.”
In a recent study in the journal Scientific Reports, Solano‐Rojas went in search of certainty. Using radar satellite data, he and his team measured how the elevation changed across the city between 2011 and 2020. Subsidence isn’t uniform; the rate depends on several factors. The most dramatic instances globally are due to the overextraction of groundwater: Pump enough liquid out and the ground collapses like an empty water bottle. That’s why Jakarta, Indonesia, is sinking up to 10 inches a year. Over in California’s San Joaquin Valley, the land has sunk as much as 28 feet in the past century, due to farmers pumping out too much groundwater.

Europe Is Already Planning for What Happens If Ukraine Loses. It’s Ugly  (Patrick Tucker, Defense One)
A Ukrainian loss, which could happen very soon if U.S. weapons don’t arrive, would ramp up Russian efforts to destabilize the governments of NATO countries and increase defense spending across the alliance, among other disastrous effects, Hanno Pevkur, Estonia’s Defense Minister, told reporters Friday. 
When U.S. officials like President Joe Biden talk about why Ukraine’s struggle matters to Americans, they rely onn broad notions of democracy and the continuation of the international order—without specifically explaining a Ukraine loss in terms of what it means for everyday Americans. Perhaps because of this, Americans are evenly split on the question of whether the United States is doing too much for Ukraine. 
Pevkur said one of the deliverables from last year’s NATO Summit in Vilnius was new battle plans for Eastern European countries should Ukraine fall. “These plans address these different scenarios,” he said. “Of course, for obvious reasons I cannot be very specific, but I can assure you that these plans are shaped by looking at the possible Russian posture in our neighborhood.”
One of the likely consequences of a loss he could discuss is a much larger and more dangerous Russian military. 

Ways to Counter Australia’s Growing Neo-Nazi Threat  (Sezen Bakan, New Daily)
Australian white supremacists and neo-Nazis are encouraging members to undergo combat sports training and law enforcement avoidance under the banner of “Active Clubs”, a parliamentary inquiry into right-wing extremism heard from the Counter Extremism Project (CEP). The CEP called for close monitoring of this activity. “There is increasing evidence suggesting that the network’s main objective is instead the creation of shadow militias that can be activated when the need for coordinated violent action on a larger scale arises,” CEP said.

Argentinian Court Declares Iran a “Terrorist State” for 1992 and 1994 Attacks  (Mostafa Aslani, Iran News Update)
Over three decades after deadly attacks in Buenos Aires targeted Israel’s embassy and a Jewish center, an Argentine court has placed the blame on Iran and declared it a “terrorist state,” according to local media reports. The ruling states that Iran had ordered the 1992 attack on Israel’s embassy, which left 29 dead, as well as the 1994 attack on the Argentina Israelite Mutual Association (AMIA) Jewish center, the deadliest in Argentina’s history, leaving 85 dead and 300 injured. The court also implicated the Iran-backed Shiite movement Hezbollah in carrying out the AMIA attack, calling it a “crime against humanity.” “Hezbollah carried out an operation that responded to a political, ideological and revolutionary design under the mandate of a government, of a State,” said Carlos Mahiques, one of the three judges who issued the decision, referencing Iran. The 1994 AMIA attack has never been claimed or solved, but Argentina and Israel have long suspected Lebanon’s Shiite Hezbollah group carried it out at Iran’s request.