Nuclear mattersDynasil's RMD receives $2.5 million from DHS to continue work on nuclear detection

Published 24 February 2010

RMD specializes in developing scintillator crystals, which convert radiation to visible light; DHS gives the company $2.5 million — in addition to an earlier award of $5.6 million — to continue work on the crystals, which will enable more accurate detection of radioactive materials

Dynasil Corporation of America, a manufacturer of specialized instruments, detectors, and products with applications in homeland security/defense, cancer detection, medicine, and industry, announced today that the Domestic Nuclear Detection Office (DNDO) of DHS awarded Radiation Monitoring Devices, Inc. (RMD), Dynasil’s research subsidiary, additional funding totaling $2.5 million. These awards will be used to fund additional development and to provide samples of new, high performance nuclear radiation detection materials. This is in addition to the $5.6 million of research and development grants Homeland Security awarded RMD last year for similar efforts.

Dynasil’s RMD Research division has thirty-five years of experience in developing nuclear detectors. The company has developed innovative scintillator crystals, which are leading candidates to improve detection of radioactive materials. RMD scintillators, which convert radiation to visible light, also have the additional advantages of being lightweight enough to be portable when needed, cover a broader range of detectable materials, and minimize false alarms.
Kanai Shah, RMD’s vice president of research said, “Homeland Security is very interested in our materials as new gamma and neutron technologies for threat reduction.” Craig Dunham, Dynasil’s president and CEO, added, “Homeland Security has been an excellent partner for the R&D work on these materials, and this additional funding enables us to take it to the next stage, which could save lives by providing better tools to detect and intercept potentially devastating weapons. Dynasil employees are proud that our strategy of significant and profitable growth through acquisitions and the organic growth of our business units may also aid Homeland Security in its mission to protect our country.”