Emblaze acquires majority interest in secure information specialist Smart Content

Published 17 January 2006

Versatile communication security company acquires a content delivery company with sophisticated technology; beyond meeting consumer demand for more consumer-tailored contents, the system may be used for homeland security purposes

Raanana, Israel-based Emblaze (LSE: BLZ) is acquiring majority interest in Israeli based software technology company, Smart Content, a specialist in advanced technology for content-push over wireless and IP networks to mobile devices and personal computers. Smart Content’s technology will allow users to receive real-time personalized content directly on their mobile devices and personal computers. The company’s current FreeMate technology automatically collects information from the Web, routes, and pushes different digital content predefined as relevant by a mobile or PC user. This technology fits well with the growing demand by users to receive quick updates, accurate information, and personalized content at work, home, and on the move. Emblaze plans to have the FreeMate technology adapted into the mobile environment — and physically embedded in Emblaze Mobile devices, something which gives the company’s gear an advantage over any potential competition. Smart Content will become an integral part of the Emblaze group and its name will be changed to Emblaze Smart Content.

Emblaze already has a presence in the homeland security market through its innovative Visual Defense division. We cannot help but think that it would not be far fetched to see Emblaze adapt some of the features of Smart Content’s push technology so they are suitable for use by first responders and emergency teams: There are already solutions feeding event-relevant information to the PDAs and laptops of emergency personnel rushing to the scene of a disaster, and Emblaze’s work in secure communication, high-quality digital video and audio streaming, combined with Smart Content’s technology, would be suitable for similar applications.

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