Feeling Software’s solution helps manage multi-camera security and surveillance

Published 21 December 2009

Whether a company operates 50 or 5,000 cameras, Feeling Software’s Omnipresence makes it simple to understand every video feed in the surveillance system at a glance; with advanced camera navigation, each individual feed is used to automatically generate the bigger security picture.

We stand corrected. Last week we wrote about Aussie company NICTA’s advanced surveillance system that the Australian government is funding. As it happens, while NICTA is researching this technology, A Canadian company, Montreal-based Feeling Software, has already developed and is selling such a system.

Feeling Software’s technology called Omnipresence 3D, which the company launched this year at the ASIS security tradeshow in Anaheim, California. It uses an advanced 3D engine to show hundreds of camera feeds so that control-room operators can see the full security picture, gaining situational awareness, and making it unnecessary to memorize camera positions.

The company now has a pilot project being deployed in a major university, and is currently in sales negotiations with seaport, nuclear, military, and municipal security installations.

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