Gabriel moves into GPS-enabled cargo containers security

Published 8 December 2005

Company launches new product to make container shipping safer and traceable

Few homeland security areas generate more interest than securing cargo containers. The more than 13,000,000 containers arriving in U.S. land- and sea ports each year offer terrorists the best means with which to smuggle weapons of mass destruction into the country. What is more, these containers arrive from all corners of the globe, and make stops in all kinds of ports. Many of these origin and stop-over points are know for not much more than rampant corruption and lawlessness. In addition, the slow vessels travel thousands of miles on open oceans, where they may fall prey to terrorist tampering. These realities have not escaped Omaha, Nebraska-based Gabriel Technologies (OTCBB: GWLK), a homeland security company addressing the security aspects of the transportation industry. The company said it would formally launch its Trace location services late next month.

Trace provides a flexible and easily deployable assisted-GPS location-based service which enables an array of customizable applications. What the technology does is locate and track assets or people. Trace owns a license to use San Diego, California-based Qualcomm SnapTrack’s a-GPS software for devices using the ReFlex wireless paging network. Gabriel’s CEO Keith Feilmeier does not mince words: “Trace’s proprietary two-way paging-over-wireless network software and web services interface are going to revolutionize how and where GPS can be applied.” Gabriel develops and manufactures a series of physical locking systems for the transportation and shipping industries collectively known as the WAR-LOK Security System.

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