GE offers airport detection system to the U.S. Army

Published 23 August 2009

The U.S. Army wants to use GE’s trace detection system; the device may be used for drug detection and explosive detection

Newark, California-based GE Security Inc.’s Homeland Protection segment is beginning deliveries of its MobileTrace handheld contraband detection systems to the U.S. Army for illegal drug detection, explosive detection, and other homeland security applications under terms of a $13.5 million contract.

MobileTrace uses GE’s trace detection ion trap mobility spectrometry (ITMS) in a portable device. ITMS narcotics and explosives detection has been used in other GE Security trace-based products for military bases, border crossings, airport security, and other critical security checkpoints around the world.

The company notes that U.S. courts have considered the results of testing with trace technology in drug related prosecutions.