GE Security, Cubic show ticket vending machine with integrated explosive detector

Published 7 March 2006

This may not be the Swiss knife of travel security, but it is close: San Diego-based Cubic Corporation (AMEX: CUB) and Brandenton, Florida-based GE Security (NYSE: GE) have introduced the world’s first automatic public transit ticket vending machine which is equipped with integrated early warning explosives detection capability. The two companies say this is the first element in the companies’ joint vision for the future of public transit security. The machine, which incorporates the Itemiser FX, GE’s fingertip trace detection analyzer, into Cubic’s advanced automatic fare collection (AFC) system, was shown at the American Public Transit Association’s annual Legislative Conference in Washington, D.C.

GE Security and Cubic said last year that the two companies would work together to create new security solutions to help secure public transit operations, facilities, and passengers. The collaboration benefits from GE’s expertise in explosives detection and Cubic’s expertise in integrated automatic fare collection systems.

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