Genex Technologies awarded Phase 2 SBIR to develop sophisticated USG

Published 23 January 2006

Last week we reported that Kensington, Maryland-based Genex Technologies, a wholly owned subsidiary of Technest Holdings (OTCBB: TCNH.OB), a science-heavy defense and homeland security company, was offering an innovative 3D imaging technology which was a major improvement over the current 2D technology used in facial recognition biometrics. There is more news from Genex, as the company has just been awarded a Phase 2 SBIR (small business innovative research) to provide additional engineering development and prototype manufacturing work on an innovative wireless perimeter video surveillance sensor. The unmanned ground sensor (UGS) has the capability to transmit video images in both the visible and near infrared (NIR) optical spectrums for all day, night, and weather operations. The wireless video sensor offers additional operational characteristics which security forces may find very useful: Day/night motion detection; ad hoc self-forming wireless interface for mass network based deployments; remote alerts to users through PDA; 150 degree field of view; miniature low-power battery operated form factor for tactical missions, and more.

The small size, long battery life, low light, and wireless network capabilities of this UGS make it suitable not only for military force protection: it is ideal for various homeland security applications, especially critical infrastructure and border security. The USG characteristics make it relevant for the protection of large area and remote geographic locations such as borders, nuclear and chemical facilities, dams, and more.

Technest Holdings develops advanced remote sensor systems, chemical detectors, intelligent surveillance, and advanced 3D imaging technology solutions. Technest Holdings’ fiscal first quarter ended 30 September 2005, and the company had sales revenues of $19 million and a funded backlog as of 31 November 2005 of $55.2 million.

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