Greg Giddens to oversee DHS SBI

Published 19 December 2005

New boss at DHS to supervise the Secure Border Initiative

Greg Giddens, a former Coast Guard Deepwater program official, has been appointed as chief of the DHS program management office for the Secure Border Initiative (SBI). Giddens, who has been on the job for about six weeks, oversees work on various aspects of the SBI, including technology. One of his first tasks was to prepare for the end of the catch-and-release policy for OTM (other than Mexican) illegal aliens and to help begin a catch-and-return policy. That work has involved preparations for additional detention beds and forging agreements with other countries to take back their citizens quickly. Giddens and his office now are looking at interior enforcement aspects of the SBI. This activity includes improving the systems that employers use to verify employment eligibility. Giddens’ team is also reviewing the existing manpower allocations at the border and seeing where technology is needed.

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