Helping government agencies comply with IT security is good business

Published 18 November 2005

We reported yesterday that San Antonio, Texas-based SecureInfo was helping the Library of Congress and the Park Service come into compliance with FISMA requirements. Helping federal agencies come into compliance with IT security requirements is good business and will get better during the next eighteen months. A survey of federal officials who make decisions about information technology has found that 35 percent of them expect to achieve security compliance within the next twelve months. The survey asked officials at federal agencies about compliance with a 2002 law on information security management. Market Connections, an independent firm that does research on the federal IT market, asked about seventeen requirements from the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). Most said they would be more than 50 percent compliant within twelve months. Here is where business opportunities lie: “While federal IT decision-makers have an eye on traditional components such as network firewalls and a growing demand for products that support existing equipment and security architecture, there is a definite lag in importance being placed on management issues such as compliance reporting,” says Market Connections President Lisa Dezzutti.

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