HSC installs video surviellance at major U.S. dam

Published 19 January 2007

The protection of critical infrastructure assets offers businesses major opportunities, and a Nashville-based company is eager to take advantage of these opportunities

You heard that one about two beavers looking in awe at the Hoover Dam, and one beaver says to the other: “I didn’t build it, but it was my idea”? Well, the Nashville, Tennessee-based Homeland Security Corporation (PINKSHEETS: HSCC) has just received an initial order for video security systems to be installed at a major U.S. dam. The company adds that “Due to security precautions the exact locations cannot be disclosed.”

These systems will consist of replacing existing camera systems with new technology and equipment to update the facilities. The system will provide security PTZ (pan, tilt, zoom) cameras and digital video recorders and the installation of the equipment. The total project will likely exceed $500,000.

CEO David Shade is rather direct: “Our major goal is to take advantage of the current political climate and the current legislation introduced in the Senate recommending the expenditure of more than $53 Billion over five years.”

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