IDS HLS increase dividend in anticipation of biometric encryption patent award

Published 8 February 2006

IDS Worldwide (OTC: IDWD) said that, following the IDS Worldwide board meeting this afternoon, IDS will announce the record date determined for the Special Dividend prior to the stock market opening on 9 February 2006. IDS has determined the final valuation of the Special Dividend, related to the sale of a minority interest in the IDS Homeland Security Division (HLS), has been increased to a value of $1.10 per common share of IDS Worldwide (IDWD). The increased valuation is the result of what the company calls the exponential growth of the HLS Division and new technology being released this quarter for HLS biometric encryption technology.

IDS HLS Division expects the patent filing for the biometric encryption technology to be effective this week. This technology will give IDS HLS Division the highest IT security product available in the world combining biometric technology and the IDS HLS Division proprietary 384 Bit encryption algorithm [see HSDW 1/30/06]. IDS HLS Division’s biometric encryption product is, to the extent that we can tell, the world’s first plug-and-play solution which makes both hardware and Internet backbone data transmission as hack proof as is currently possible. IDS HLS Division will begin shipping these units in the current quarter.

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