Terror targetsInviting terror targets in New York City poorly guarded

Published 12 April 2011

A list of Port Authority facilities especially vulnerable to terrorist attacks inadvertently released; the list contains some of the most heavily trafficked bridges, tunnels, and transit hubs in the world

The vulnerable George Washington Bridge // Source: manhattanstyle.com

Late last week, the New York-New Jersey Port Authority police union, the Police Benevolent Association, revealed what should be described as the terrorist’s guide to New York City. The list of targets was supposed to be confidential.

The New York Post, which obtained the list, notes that some of the most heavily trafficked bridges, tunnels, and transit hubs in the world are on a list of Port Authority facilities vulnerable to terrorist attacks. The Hudson River crossings to Manhattan — the Lincoln and Holland tunnels and the George Washington Bridge — along with the Bayonne Bridge, the roadway under the Port Authority Bus Terminal and the AirTrain to Kennedy Airport. all get inadequate policing, the documents show.

The Port Authority’s most vulnerable sites, according to its police union:
  • Lincoln & Holland tunnels, GW Bridge: An incident at one site would leave the other two without police coverage.
  • JFK AirTrain. There are no cops patrolling the rails 97 percent of the time.
  • Port Authority Bus Terminal. A roadway that runs below it is totally unmanned.
  • Bayonne Bridge. It is left with no police coverage several times during the day.

In a statement, the PA said it had spent more than $6 billion since 9/11 on a “multilayered security protocol [that] includes technological elements as well as private security.”