Kwikset, Sequiam, and AuthenTec team up for new deadbolt lock

Published 21 November 2006

Deal follows Sequiam/KwikSet partnership announcement; fingerprint scanner permits home access to up to 50 friends and family members; intriguing feature permits homeowners to control access times to registered users — an ideal set-up for babysitters and household help

Last week, our faithful readers will recall, we reported on a new partnership between Orlando, Florida-based Sequiam and lockmaker Kwikset to jointly produce biometric entry solutions for the domestic market. The deal was just one data point in an ongoing effort by security companies to expand the biometrics marketplace (another example is BiometriX’s garage door opener.) Now we can report the first product to result from the Sequiam/Kwikset arrangement: The BioLock/SmartScan. Relying on FingerLoc sensors from Melbourne, Florida-based AuthenTec, the biometric deadbolt lock features a battery powered locking mechanism that is activated when the homeowner swipes his or her finger across the integrated.

The BioLock/SmartScan homeowners can enroll up to fifty individuals, though it seems doubtful any one family would trust that many people with access to their home. Enrollment is simple: users simply swipe a single finger three times across the sensor. To unlock the door, the authorized user swipes the finger across the sensor; to lock it, a user taps the sensor three times. Most interestingly, homeowners can also provide access to certain individuals at preset times and dates — an ideal situation for the babysitter or housekeeper.

The BioLock/SmartScan has a suggested retail price of $249.00.

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