Less than half of U.K. businesses keep tab of their software

Published 14 January 2006

Key element in business continuity is knowing what applications your business has; too bad half of U.K. businesses have no idea

More than 40 percent of British companies have not audited the software running on their network in the last twelve months, a new research by Swindon, United Kingdom-based asset management specialists Centennial Software and Business Continuity Services (BCS) has found. The research found that only 25 percent of firms conducted a regular monthly audit of the software in use on their servers and PCs. Another 25 percent audited their PCs once a year, while just 8 percent checked their installed software once a quarter. The attitudes among IT managers may be changing. For those organizations looking to manage their software better, “reducing the cost of IT procurement and operations” was pinpointed as the primary business driver (33 percent), followed by “avoiding the risk of noncompliance fines” (29 percent).