Odds and endsMalmo, Sweden, installs new public toilet payment system

Published 3 September 2009

If you want to use public toilets in Malmo, Sweden, you must now call or text-message the city’s park service, receive a one-time numerical code, enter that code on the stall door’s touch pad, and have your credit card charged — or you cannot go in

Users of some public toilets in Sweden must receive a code for payment before they can get down to business in Malmo’s Folkets Park, the park manager said.

Sverker Haraldsson said the new toilet is a safe facility and a good idea.

The country’s Data Inspection Board approved the automated payment system, which uses text messages.

UPI reports that those entering the public toilets must send a message to a number on the toilet door. Once they receive a code they are authorized to use the facility by entering the code onto a touch pad.

The first people to use the new system complained their mobile phone numbers might become public if they used the new system. They feared the City of Malmo was saving the numbers. The Malmo council assured them there is no way to retrieve the numbers and the authorities cannot track down a toilet user.

Haraldsson said there are still free toilets in the park for tourists.