Merlin in strategic partnership with Secure Elements

Published 9 January 2006

Government IT security is big business - and it is growing, leading large and not so large companies to acquire or partner with IT management and security specialists companies

The U.S. government IT market is large and growing, offering companies many opportunities. This is why suppliers of more traditional defense hardware are acquiring large IT solution and service providers to broaden their menu of offerings (think: General Dynamics and Anteon), or are considering doing so (think: Lockheed Martin and CSC). Smaller companies are also aware of these opportunities, and in their case the strategy is to acquire more specialized capabilities so as to make themselves more attractive to government contractors — but also making their solution line more suitable for the private sector. This is the case of Greenwood Village, Colorado-based Merlin Technical Solutions, a provider of IT solutions to the federal government, which has just formed a partnership with Herndon, Virginia-based Secure Elements, a specialist in enterprise vulnerability management and compliance risk reduction solutions. Merlin will add Secure Elements’ vulnerability and risk compliance management applications to its core offerings, providing customers with a source for both enterprise infrastructure as well as network security solutions.

A December 2005 report by Infonetics Research says that worldwide revenues from the sale of network security appliances and software reached $1 billion last quarter.

Merlin provides integrated solutions and professional services to federal, state and local government agencies and businesses in a variety of industries.

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