Mexican order for JMar BioSentry units

Published 17 November 2005

One does not have to subscribe to the John Birch society’s thesis that adding fluoride to drinking water is a communist plot to actually worry about water quality. Carlsbad, California-based JMAR Technologies (Nasdaq: JMAR) has for nearly twenty years now been offering laser-based gear for imaging, analysis, and fabrication at the nano-scale. The company has begun to apply its know-how to monitoring the quality of air and water in order to detect contamination — natural or man-made, in light of increasing concerns about terrorism. JMAR has just received a purchase order for two of its BioSentry units from Kimpen, a unit of Mexico’s leading beverage development and manufacturing company. The two units will initially be installed in Kimpen’s lab, then moved to two of their manufacturing facilities for final operational testing. Following the successful testing of these systems, Kimpen intends to purchase an additional fifteen systems so that at least one BioSentry is in continuous operation in each of its fifteen factories in the Yucatan Peninsula.JMAR completed the first phase of the test program in August of 2005, during which Kimpen validated the BioSentry’s ability to detect and classify E. Coli and Pseudomonas. During the final two-month test phase, the BioSentry units will continue to be used to monitor for the presence of bacteria.-read more in this company news release