More orders for AS&E's cargo screening vans bring in $4.7 million

Published 5 May 2009

Massachusetts-based AS&E’s popular Z Backscatter Vans are becoming more popular; company receives $4.7 million order for the “drive-by” scanning system, following several other orders in the past month

American Science and Engineering Inc. (AS&E) reports it has landed $4.7 million from an unnamed law enforcement agency for its cargo screening vans. Under the contract, the Billerica, Massachusetts-based company will deliver multiple Z Backscatter Vans to an unnamed law enforcement agency. AS&E said the vans will be used to scan vehicles at border crossings and other checkpoints to detect illegal drugs and other contraband.

The Z Backscatter Van system comprises a mobile X-ray screening system built into standard commercial vans to allow for “drive-by” inspection. One or two operators can conduct X-ray imaging while the ZBV drives past suspicious vehicles and objects.

Last week, AS&E (NASDAQ: ASEI) landed $4.4 million from another unnamed U.S. government agency for maintenance on its cargo inspection vans. Earlier this month, AS&E received the first order from an unnamed client for its Z Gantry multi-view Z Backscatter cargo and vehicle screening system. Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed. Also this month, AS&E won a $6.3 million follow-on order from an unnamed client in the Middle East for an unspecified number of its Z Portal cargo and vehicle screening systems.

AS&E reported a fiscal 2008 net income of $17.5 million on revenue of $166.7 million.