More orders for Global ePoint cockpit surveillance device

Published 2 February 2006

International travel grew by more than 5 percent last year — and so have orders for new planes, which is good business for a company making a popular cockpit surveillance equipment

City of Industry, California-based Global ePoint (NASDAQ: GEPT), a specialist in security technologies for the aviation and law enforcement, keeps receiving orders for its AirWorks Cockpit Door Surveillance Systems (CDSS). The latest orders came from City Line, the largest regional jet operator in Germany, First Choice Airlines of Manchester, England, and U.K.-based Aircraft Management Solutions, a maintenance and engineering services provider. The CDSS is already installed on more than 800 aircraft flying worldwide on major international airlines and domestic carriers. AirWorks also holds Supplemental Type Certificates from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for each Airbus and Boeing model aircraft flying within the United States. The orders for the security system coincides with these airlines orders for new planes. City Line will be taking delivery of twelve new CRJ-900 from Bombardier and will install the CDSS on the aircraft. City Line currently has the AirWorks CDSS system installed on their BAE RJ-85’s, Bombardier CRJ 100’s, 200’s, and 700’s. First Choice, which operates A320’s, 757’s, and 767’s currently with the AirWorks CDSS, will add two additional 767’s installations, one 757, and one A320. Aircraft Management Solutions has ordered a A330 CDSS kit and AirWorks will deploy an installation team to deploy the systems.

U.S. domestic airlines may be in trouble (three of the top four U.S. airlines now operate under bankruptcy protection), but international travel continues to grow, fueling additional demand for aircraft. The Air Transport Association listed a 5.2 percent increase in international travel. With demand for new aircraft increasing, orders for the CDSS is expected to increase as well.

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