MPRI to help CDC prepare for disasters

Published 29 February 2008

Simulation and virtualization are becoming more popular as tools for preparedness; MPRI, a subsidiary of L-3 company, will use its simulation and training expertise to help CDC prepare for all-hazard disasters, including bioterrorism and pandemic outbreaks

Practice, practice, practice. L-3 CommunicationsCorp. will provide the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) with preparedness training and simulation exercises so that those who work at the sprawling campus cope with a wide range of hazards, including acts of bioterrorism and pandemic outbreaks. CDC awarded L-3 subsidiary MPRI Inc. a blanket purchase agreement potentially worth $215 million over five years to provide strategic and operational planning, training, simulations, and exercise programs for CDC personnel. The new agreement expands the CDC relationship with MPRI, which won a contract in April 2006 to develop the CDC Influenza Pandemic Operational Plan.

MPRI, based in Alexandria, Virginia, provides integrated solutions for simulations, training, and operations. The division is expanding its work to the all-hazards area and will develop programs for the local, state, and national level. MPRI’s customers include the Justice, State, and Defense departments and international government agencies. L-3 Communications acquired MPRI in June 2000.