Natural gas pipelines sabotaged by terrorists in Mexico

Published 10 September 2007

Leftist terrorists escalate their bombing campaign against Mexican gas and oil infrastructure

Terrorism is spreading in Mexico. Mexican state-owned energy company Pemex said today that explosions caused by sabotage hit several of its natural gas pipelines on the Gulf of Mexico. The blasts in the state of Veracruz caused four fires which are now under control, the company said, adding that there were no injuries. A small leftist rebel group, the Popular Revolutionary Army, set off bombs at Pemex pipelines in July. The group also claimed responsibility for a small bomb that went off at a Sears department story in the troubled city of Oaxaca last month.

Pemex said that after the blasts, villages near the ducts were evacuated. “Asimismo, lamenta las molestias ocasionadas a los habitantes de las comunidades cercanas, así como a sus clientes y seguirá informando conforme se desarrollen los acontecimientos,” the company said.