New European biometric council set up

Published 18 November 2005

Germany, the U.K. and other European countries have launched biometric ePassport programs, and the U.K. also has plan for an ambitious biometric national ID. Little wonder, then, that the Dublin-based European Biometrics Forum (EBF), an advisory body to the European biometrics industry, has set up the International Biometric Advisory Council (IBAC), an international advisory council to offer opinions and recommendations on biometrics to the EBF, its members, and partners on biometrics issues. The eleven-member IBAC includes high-profile members from government, industry, academia, and privacy advocacy organizations but not only from Europe. The body also includes Canada’s information and privacy commissioner and the deputy director of the US-VISIT visa program.

Members of the new council are Robert Mocny, deputy director of US-VISIT; Ann Cavoukian, information and privacy commissioner of Ontario, Canada; Cleopatra Doumbia Henry, director, ILO; Clive Reedman, chairman, iAfB; Christer Bergman, IBIA; Akio Kokubu, chairman, Japanese Biometric Security Consortium; Bernard Didier, Sagem Defense Securite; Norbert Kouwenhoven, IBM; Helmut Reimer, TeleTrusT, and Christoph Busch, Cast Forum. It is chaired by Max Snijder.

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