NICE Systems selected for D.C. airport surveillance overhaul

Published 5 February 2007

Israeli company recently won contracts to protect Beijing Olympics, Eiffel Tower, and New York City public transit; Reagan National Airport gets a makeover; video surveillance market marches on

Just about a year ago, we reported that William Benton, technology analyst at William Blair, saw growing opportunities in the video surveillance business. Despite concerns about possible invasions of privacy, “wiretapping will always be around,” he said. To be precise, it is estimated to grow from a $7 billion global industry to $13 billion within five years, and many companies expect to benefit. Not all will, however. Among Blair’s choice picks was Ra’anana, Israel-based NICE Systems, and we are pleased to say that he was correct about the company’s growth potential. In the past year the company announced contracts to install video surveillance systems in Beijing subway stations in preparation for the 2008 summer Olympics; to monitor voice communications for New York City’s Metropolitan Transit Authority; and to secure the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

Now we can report one further success: NICE has won a contract to supply its NiceVision digital surveillance suite as part of a CCTV systems upgrade at Ronald Reagan National Airport in Washington, D.C.“Because NICE has been providing security surveillance systems for airports around the world for years, they allow us to meet these challenges and provide our client with the best suited digital video technologies available,” said Gunvir Baveja, President and CEO of eVigilant, system integrators for Reagan National.

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