1. Do I need permission to use HSNW content?
With the limited exceptions described below, all use of HSNW content (text, photographs, graphics, etc.) requires the permission of HSNW. Please be advised that when articles, quotes or photographs are credited to a source other than HSNW, it is most likely that the credited source holds the rights to the material. Please contact that party directly. In most contexts, rights to use article text only (without photographs, graphics, etc.) can be obtained by contacting Info@newswirepubs.com with a specific request, including identifying the HSNW article, text or material that is sought to be republished, and the place, quantity, and context in which the republication is requested. General permission for photocopying and the use of HSNW content in academic course packs, and other classroom contexts, are granted herein, as anticipated under the “fair use” doctrine.

2. Do I need permission to e-mail an article?
No permission from HSNW is needed to use the “E-Mail This Article” function on HSNW. No permission from HSNW is required for you to distribute an HSNW article by e-mail, subject to the distribution conforming to the HSNW Code of Conduct.

3. May I use portions of HSNW articles, such as quotes or excerpts? May I edit or adapt HSNW articles?
No permission is required from HSNW to make direct quotes from HSNW articles, provided that all quotes are properly attributed to HSNW, together with a link back to the internet address of the quoted selection. It is not acceptable to selectively quote from articles in a manner that changes their meaning, to take quotes out of context or to combine quotes to create a sentence. It may also be considered infringement if a large percentage of the publication consists of quotes from HSNW articles. Such permission is subject to the HSNW Code of Conduct.

4. How do I obtain permission to use an image of any HSNW page (a screen shot) in a book or other publication?
To obtain permission to use a screen shot or other page image, please email Info@newswirepubs.com.

5. Can I use headlines and summaries of HSNW articles?
You are permitted to create your own summaries and to use HSNW headlines with links back to the articles located on the HSNW website (www.HomelandSecurityNewsWire.com), subject to the HSNW Code of Conduct.

6. Can I get permission to reuse a photograph, video, interactive graphic or other multimedia HSNW feature?
Please contact Info@newswirepubs.com to inquire about the availability of a specific feature. Because of copyright issues related to various aspects of multimedia, not all features are available for reuse.

7. Can I link to HSNW on my website, article or publication?
HSNW grants a general license to its readers to post links to the HSNW website and to the addresses of specific articles, as limited by and subject to the HSNW Code of Conduct.

8. What is the HSNW general Code of Conduct limiting republication or linking to HSNW articles and publications?
HSNW does not grant any license or permission to link or republish all or any part of any HSNW article, headline, graphic, link or quote, to any to pornographic, impersonation, defamation, identity theft, snuff, racist, or violent website, list, distribution, posting, or social media account. Any violation of this Code of Conduct will result in an immediate Criminal Complaint, and enforcement of the violation of Copyright.