Parvus Technology demonstrates wristwatch computer at LandWarNet conference

Published 23 August 2006

Zypad WL 1000 can download maps, detect if wearer is injured; although designed for military and industrial purposes, firefighters may also benefit

There was a time that a calculator watch was the height of technology (and the nadir of fashion). With calculators on every desktop computer, the market for a portable adding machine seems inert, but that does not mean the concept of an easily accessible wrist device is, too. Indeed, Parvus Technology seems ahead of the game with its Zypad WL 1000, a wristwatch computer featuring hands-free operation, robust wireless capabilities, and built-in GPS tracking. Designed for military and industrial uses, it can deliver live video from unmanned aerial vehicles, download maps and tracking systems, and even detect if the wearer is injured.

One other possible use: many urban fire departments use maps and schematics of buildings to draw up firefighting plans. Often these are supplemented by information delivered by chemical dection systems and then fed into handheld PDAs and laptop computers. The idea is to give firefighters as much information as possible so they do not get trapped in an inferno and can rescue victims as quickly as possible. Still, it is not easy to use a laptop while carrying a fireax. Equipping firefighters with Zypad technology would allow them hands-free access to maps and other critical information. The tilt and dead reckoning system, which emits a GPS beacon if the wearer lies immobile for a certain period of time, would also be of great benefit.

Parvus is currently displaying the Zypad WL 1000 at the Armed Forces Communication Electronics Association (AFCEA) Technology Showcase being held in conjunction with the 2006 LandWarNet Conference at the Broward County Convention Center (booth #1336). The conference ends tomorrow.

-read more about the Zypad at the Parvus company website; read more about the LandWarNet conference here